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Naturally Optimized. Maximum Antioxidants

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Chaga is the King of Superfoods

Chaga is the King of Superfoods

Chaga has the most antioxidants of any natural food! According to ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), a methodology developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

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BOOM Chaga® is Different



Oxalate Free

Betulinic Acid



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Boom Chaga! My clothing size went down 2 sizes after one week. Bye Bye Bloating!

I've been taking Boom Chaga for about two weeks now and absolutely love it! It has helped my ADHD so much. I can focus easier, and the distractions I usually experience are far less and much more manageable.

I am a 57 yr old woman that had Guillian-Barre' Syndrome when I was 19 years old.  Since then I have suffered from debilitating IBS which had me in constant pain for the last 38 years. I was in tears from the pain and discomfort almost everyday.  I tried Boom Chaga for the first time 5 weeks ago. I had been praying for relief and Boom Chaga was the answer to my prayers!  Within the first few days my IBS symptoms and pain were gone!!  I now tell everyone that will listen how Boom Chaga changed my life!

After a couple weeks my chronic wrist pain significantly reduced, and after about a month it was basically gone.  BOOM Chaga obviously fights inflammation like nothing I've had before.

I drink a half bottle of BOOM Chaga Sweet Dreams Tea every night and it puts me to sleep within 30 minutes.  I decided not to renew my medicinal marijuana card thanks to this healthier sleep aid.

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Boom Chaga® Is The Best!

BOOM Chaga Mushroom Superdrink dominates the competition in every category:

An independent lab studied 11 mushroom and chaga competitors, and BOOM Chaga is the only one that will:

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  • Liquid = Bioavailable
  • Antioxidants
  • Beta-Glucans
  • Proudly Made in The USA

  • Betulinic Acid
  • 10% of Profits for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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BOOM Chaga® 101

The chaga mushroom is known for it's many health benefits. Chaga supports immune health and may even slow cancer growth.

Immune Health

Lower Cholesterol

Reduce Inflammation


Cell Repair

Heart Health

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Rich and Mark in the woods with a chaga mushroom

The Boom Story

Rich's encounter with Mark at a farmer’s market in Florida led to an unexpected partnership. This collaboration resulted in the creation of BOOM Chaga. Backed by significant investments and collaborations with PhD chemists, BOOM Chaga offers a truly unique, oxalate-free chaga drink, setting it apart in the market.

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