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What Our Customers Say...


"I recently had an infection, which led to pneumonia, and I've had pneumonia many times in the past. I started adding BOOM Chaga to my coffee each morning, and my recovery this time was much faster. I also feel more energetic than before."

—Debbie, Fort Myers, FL, early 70s


"I've been taking Boom Chaga for one month now. Currently, it has been helping me with my neuropathy which was caused by having cancer. Also, my ankle swelling is down, and it's the only thing that has helped with that."

—Cheryl, mid-50s, Sunman, IN


"I started taking BOOM Chaga two months ago. It has been helping me with menstrual pains and other pains from working in factories for years."

—Mary, mid-30s, Greensburg, IN


"I have been adding Boom Chaga to my coffee for 3 weeks now. It has helped with inflammation so much. It has also helped me sleep and feel less bloated. I will definitely stay with this product. ❤️"

—Karen, late 50s, Weyburn, SK, Canada


"Within a week of adding one packet of BOOM Chaga to my coffee each morning, my pain levels dropped so much that I stopped taking my Oxycodone, and my stomach pressure and indigestion went away. I have taken it for about a month now, and my pain remains gone, and my stomach is healthier. Also, I noticed that my brain fog from cancer is nearly gone; I can remember more, and things are clearer in my mind."

—Diana, in her late 60s, from Plymouth, IN


"I've taken Boom Chaga daily for about 2 1/2 months now. It has been easy to incorporate into my routine...I just pour a packet in with my morning coffee. I don't notice much change in the flavor at all, so no complaints there. I have noticed that my stamina has improved when I am exercising. I wouldn't say the improvement is dramatic necessarily, but it is definitely noticeable. Also, because I don't have the best running form, I tend to end up with achy knees from time to time. Since I've been drinking Boom Chaga, I haven't had to use my knee brace once. Sadly, my running form hasn't improved (and won't because I don't even know how you teach yourself to run better...? ), so I have to attribute the fact that I haven't had knee pain to drinking Boom Chaga. This makes me very happy because it allows me to exercise the way I'd like vs. having to ease up now and then to allow recovery time.

I researched the benefits of chaga myself, so I know that while I can't see or measure some of the benefits I am getting, I trust they are there. I know I'm getting a healthy dosage of antioxidants. I'm also impressed that I am getting all of the benefits of chaga without the risks associated with oxalates since you have figured out a way to remove that from the ingredients.

Overall, I haven't felt that there are any downsides to taking Boom Chaga at all...just upsides! I've just given some Boom Chaga to a friend who suffers from diverticulitis, so I'm recommending it to others for sure.

I'm going to be a customer going forward!"

—Molly, late 50s, from McLean, VA


"In August 2021 I was diagnosed with severe reflux. Think of the kind of reflux where you cannot even drink bottled water without regurgitating. I was put on Protonix for daily use but even then had symptoms if I ate or drank too late in the day, had a glass of sweet tea or my favorite...Pepsi! A couple weeks ago I started drinking BOOM Chaga daily and noticed that I wasn't feeling the regurgitation as I would bend down to change the laundry over or pick up my sweet one year old. As someone who prefers to stay away from pharmaceuticals, I decided to stop taking my Protonix to see what would happen. On my third day of no medications, I went to dinner and ordered a Pepsi. Not once that night did I get the burning feeling in my throat, the burping or even worse, throw up!"

—Katelyn from Waxhaw, NC, credit manager, busy mom of two, early 30s, after 2 weeks of drink BOOM Chaga daily


“I am a 69 year old woman who started boom chaga a month ago. It’s. a game changer for me. I’ve have had 4 operations on my knee and leg. 3 1/2 new knees and stems placed in some bones. My pain level has always been a 8. My pain level is now 1! I also have arthritis in my hands, hurting constantly. I’ve only had to take over the counter 2 in a month. Compared to daily. I have recommended boom chaga to a friend, she to has noticed such a difference. I truly recommend boom chaga to anyone who have been living in pain. It truly is a game changer.”

—Liz, CO Springs


"I have struggled with back acne since I was in my mid-thirties. I tried several different remedies and nothing helped. Then I started using BOOM Chaga on a regular basis and now my acne is completely gone! And that was just the beginning. I am finding myself able to focus much easier (I eventually quit my ADD medications) and I am recovering better from my workouts now better than I did when I was a much younger man. I used to suffer from terrible water retention when I would eat inflammatory foods and it was really bad when I would indulge in bread or pasta. Now, I don't experience any of that bloating. I give 100% of all these benefits to BOOM Chaga.. I am a customer for life!"

—Jeremy, early 40s Cincinnati, OH